The Bash for Nash

The Bash for Nash is an event and when we say “event”, we mean the event. The combined total of our previous three Bash for Nash extravaganzas has been a tremendous 2.7 million dollars.

The Bash for Nash has also set the high mark as one the season’s most sensational and anticipated social events. This soiree is done absolutely right, nothing overlooked and everything overwhelmingly perfect.

Each Bash is unique in its presentation, entertainment and collateral materials. But each Bash is exactly the same in its intent: heighten awareness, make truckloads of green and give our faithful Bashers a rock star experience.

BN4 (Bash for Nash 4) is October 25th, 7pm. Complete details will be added to the web page by August 15th. For any immediate needs, submit your questions here: or contact Tom Wicka at 612-325-5700 or David Sunberg at 612-817-6337 directly.

Event Information and Ticket Purchase